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Unleash the Power of Energy Efficiency to Grow Philadelphia’s Economy and Create Local Jobs

Philadelphia has made significant progress toward its goal of becoming one of the nation’s greenest cities.  We have taken initial steps to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  We have also begun to implement the most ambitious stormwater management plan in the country.  However, given the level of risk we face from climate change, it is imperative that the next Mayor build on the progress made in the last few years and set forth a clear agenda for Philadelphia’s energy future.  ECA believes the two most important parts of that agenda should be to insure access to clean and affordable energy for all Philadelphians and for the City to develop a comprehensive climate action plan with the goal of reducing Philadelphia’s carbon footprint 25% by 2025.


ECA and our partners have developed recommendations which build on the progress Philadelphia has made to date and on the foundation which has already been laid statewide.  We invite individuals and organizations to sign on and help build a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for all Philadelphians.

Read the full set of recommendations and sign on to help make Philadelphia the greenest city in America here!

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