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September Update: Solarize Philly Installs First Solar Projects, Reaches Higher Discount Levels

Summer may be on its way out, but solar is here to stay in the City of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Energy Authority is proud to announce that Solarize Philly’s first solar project was installed the other week in Holmesburg!

Solar by KISS, one of Solarize Philly’s three approved installers, installed the system as part of PEA’s discount program to support Philadelphians going solar at home.  Solar by KISS is now waiting for a final inspection before the homeowner can turn their system on and start generating their own power, saving thousands of dollars on their electric bill for many years to come.

Over 1,900 people have signed up for Solarize Philly since the program launched in July and 55 Philadelphians have signed contracts to go solar.  Already, five more solar projects have been installed since the first installation in Holmesburg.  A key component of Solarize Philly is that the more households that sign contracts within the enrollment period, the greater the discounts get for everyone! The tiers are laid out in the table below.

The Philadelphia Energy Authority received so much interest and excitement around Solarize Philly in recent weeks that we decided to extend the deadline from September 30th to October 31st.  Installations can take place after the deadline, but as long as homeowners sign a contract before October 31st, you will still be eligible for Solarize discounts. If you have already made your final payment, you will get a rebate check for the difference.

If you are a Philadelphia homeowner and want to consider going solar, you can sign up for a free solar assessment through Solarize Philly here!

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