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September Preview: Energy Campaign Planning Period Ends

It’s September! We’re back to school, interns and fellows are transitioning in and out, we’ve hired staff and consultants, and the Philadelphia Energy Campaign’s 6-month planning period is ending. We are in the process of putting together our Campaign Roadmap, which will be released publicly in late October with a detailed path forward for each of the sectors we’re focusing on: City buildings, schools, low-income residential housing and small businesses. Additional details to follow on date, time and location of the release. To request an electronic copy of the roadmap upon release, email our Executive Director, Emily Schapira, at It will also be posted here.

We are proud to report that we have momentum in each sector, thanks to a large group of committed partners, stakeholders, City and School District staff, interns, volunteers and consultants. Our small business sector pilot is up and running, with matching grants committed for energy efficiency improvements and our partners at Penn State having already completed over 20 assessments. We’ll post more details about that program separately. We are working feverishly with a housing preservation coalition and Council staff on the residential sector plan, and have a multi-family pilot in development that we expect to launch later this calendar year. We are supporting the work of the Office of Sustainability and City Energy Office to move forward on city buildings, and working closely with key School District staff to put together the right pilot programs to help them move forward on both solar and efficiency, and achieve their GreenFutures goals.

Huge thanks to our Roadmap consultants and writers, Roger Clark and Nancy Mifflin, our summer interns Laura Rigell, Jack Huemmler and Ellie Horner, and both the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and Penn’s Sustainability program for your support of our interns. We are grateful to have so many brilliant stakeholders across Philadelphia, whose work and expertise we are learning from and building upon to scale this Campaign.

Coming soon: further details on each sector pilot (including ways to get involved), additional opportunities to engage in stakeholder sessions, energy salons and roundtable working sessions, the full roadmap, social media, an updated website and much more.

Stay tuned!

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