Mission, Values, and Goals


PEA aims to drive and support the development of long term energy projects, policy and educational programs in Philadelphia.


  • Focus – Our work aims to add value in areas that are not currently being addressed.
  • Collaboration – We connect organizations and resources to expand their potential.
  • Impact – We are committed to delivering tangible results.
  • Transparency – We aim to openly share our understanding of possibilities and constraints.

Goals for 2016-2017

  1. Launch the Philadelphia Energy Campaign. Establish operations to support Campaign implementation and initiate program development for municipal buildings, public schools, low income residential and small businesses.
  2. Participate in the Public Services Safety Campus (PSSC) Central Utility Plant (CUP) financing development process.  Develop and execute the PSSC CUP contract for ongoing plant operations.
  3. Assume energy financing contracts as opportunities arise.
  4. Provide feedback on the capital projects planning process to Council and the Administration to identify and resolve policies or practices that discourage energy efficiency.
  5. Host Energy Salons to facilitate public dialogue and education on key energy topics.
  6. Assist City leadership in understanding complex issues related to energy usage by serving as an unbiased advisor.


Philadelphia Energy Authority Handout