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Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants (BSEC), a Philadelphia-based start up firm, specializes in working with schools on sustainable initiatives. Candidates should have strong writing skills and an interest in sustainability and education.

Intern Position Description:

BSEC works with client schools to help them meet national standards to reduce their environmental impact and save money.

The intern will work primarily with Mary Ann Boyer 8 to12 hours per week during the semester. Projects may also include working with Anne Sudduth. Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Conduct research on specific environmental projects that help schools meet national standards on sustainability issues such as energy use, waste & water use reduction, and school gardens.
  • Develop sustainability materials and make recommendations to improve the website. Conduct research to gain background information on sustainability topics. Contribute to blogs, articles, and infographics. Create promotional materials.
  • Assist with environmental audits conducted by students and teachers. Audits will relate to energy use and waste reduction. Analyze results and communicate next steps.
  • Review sustainability sites for examples of effective case studies. Research best practices for writing exemplary case studies. Apply this background research to create a “Case Study” summary on particular initiatives (such as waste reduction).
  • Research existing college/high school sustainability classes for topics and syllabi. Provide recommendations for topics to cover in an introductory sustainability high school class. Include recommended books and resources for students.

For more information about the internship, please email Mary Ann Boyer include a resume and why you are interested in this internship. Website:

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