The Philadelphia Energy Campaign


The Philadelphia Energy Campaign is a 10-year, neighborhood-driven job creation platform,
that will leverage $1 billion of public and private investment in energy efficiency and clean energy projects in four key sectors:  municipal buildings, K-12 schools, low-income residential, and small business.

The Campaign aims to create 10,000 jobs and return $200 million in cost savings to the local economy.  The Philadelphia Energy Campaign seeks to share the benefits of sustainable energy solutions with those who would otherwise have limited access.  It is a campaign for residents, their homes, their businesses, and their neighborhoods.  The Campaign will rely on creative financing in order to successfully reach Philadelphians at the lowest income levels.  The Campaign also aims to reduce energy bills of the municipal government and K-12 public schools.  Though these goals are ambitious, Philadelphia is ready to lead and the impact will be well worth it.

The Campaign builds on the ongoing work in the energy efficiency and clean energy sectors. Through the Philadelphia Energy Campaign, PEA aims to convene public, private, and non-profit stakeholders to make our collective work have greater impact.  PEA has already begun engaging key thinkers from neighborhoods, lenders, energy service companies, advocacy and service organizations, and city programs.  Collaboration will be key to equitably sharing access to energy savings in a way that has never been done before.


October 2015– City Council President Darrell Clarke directed the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) to develop a proposal for a significant job creation program related to energy efficiency and clean energy.

December 2015– PEA facilitated a preliminary stakeholder working session to vet initial concepts.  The turnout was inspiring and the concept was received with enthusiasm and optimism.

January 2016– PEA developed an initial report laying out the goals of the Philadelphia Energy Campaign.


February 8, 2016– City Council President Darrell Clarke announced the launch of the Philadelphia Energy Campaign.  PEA released the Philadelphia Energy Campaign report.  The launch was covered by The Philadelphia TribunePhillyMag, and StateImpact.

April 20, 2016– PEA convened over 35 energy advocacy stakeholders to discuss barriers to reducing energy use in low-income housing.  The working session was hosted by OIC Philadelphia and focused on establishing core values that will guide the Campaign’s residential program design.

June 6, 2016– Emily Schapira came on full-time with PEA to serve as the Director of the Philadelphiia Energy Campaign.  Two summer interns also started working with PEA, Jack Huemmler and Laura Rigell who will be working to advance the Campaign.

June 23, 2016– PEA participated in the Solar Stakeholder Session hosted by PECO.  The day included guest speakers presenting the state of solar in Pennsylvania and break-out groups discussing low-income solar, universal solar, private solar, and solar jobs.

December 14, 2016– PEA released its Energy Campaign Progress Report. The report details our progress and path toward creating 10,000 jobs from local investment in energy efficiency and clean energy.



Philadelphia Energy Campaign Report (Feb 2016)

Philadelphia Energy Campaign Infographic (Feb 2016)

Energy Campaign Progress Report (Dec 2016)

Small Business Energy Saving Program Flyer (Feb. 2017)

[Spanish Translation] Small Business Energy Program Flyer (Feb. 2017)

[Chinese Translation] Small Business Flyer (Feb. 2017)